11 of the Best IT Security Tips for All Kinds of Small Businesses – Free Computer Tips

Get up-to-date on risks as you read about them.
4. Be aware of physical Security

IT security is as effective as its physical security. Most of us don’t consider IT security as we think of the local locksmiths that can replace physical entry points. But you should. Data security isn’t at risk with out physical protection.

If you are a commercial proprietor of a construction company You might want to consider taking things up a notch by installing electronically controlled entry points. Electronic access control portals will keep track of the people who come to and goes from the building. The CAC card is issued to all those required to be in the building. The card keeps records of those who come and goes and when they are allowed to leave. This can prove to be valuable in keeping out unauthorised users in our technology-driven society.

CAC card entry systems are usually installed in server rooms in order in order to guarantee that only authorized people have access to the equipment used by IT. This adds another layer of security , and it is also one of your best IT security measures.

5. Make sure you keep your eyes open

We briefly discussed this idea in tip three. Hackers can be extremely clever. They don’t need to gain access to your existing computer equipment, or even find a way in. If they look through the office windows and observe the employee typing their passwords into the system, they’ve got all the data they require plus more.

Blind installation is a good way to keep threats from seeing the information they require and compromising your computer. It may sound easy however, safeguarding your security in IT comes in the form of acting as the criminal. If they can see into your workplace, they could see your employee’s passwords.

6. Section of Your Network

Many small-business owners commit an error that is fatal that is: they do not segregate their networks. Take a look at


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