7 Simple Tools Every DIY Butcher Needs – Tips to Save Money

Making your food preparation much easier when you’ve got the right equipment.
Having the right tools will allow you to save on costs by processing your own food. All the tools that are talked about in this video are readily available on Amazon. They don’t even require you go out of your house to look them up.
In order to get the most out of your meat for the highest quality results, all butchers who DIY be equipped with the tools listed below. It is easier to prepare your meat and reduce stress.
Boning hooks. The boning hook can help improve the precision of cutting, and can aid in keeping your fingers and hands safe.
Steak knife or breaking knife roughly 9 to 10 inches
An Boning Knife. Steady-bladed knives
Steel. Fine or medium-coarse steel can keep an attractive edge on your blade.
Spreader. The meat is securely hung and maintains its stability.
Meat saw. A 25-inch meat saw is the ideal all-purpose saw.
Axe and block. This allows you to lift and move your meat.
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