Basics of Web Servers – Reference Books Online

could be considered as the raw material. The website is composed of videos, images, text, files and data in databases. It’s the web server that connects all the materials together, then sends them over the internet so that you can access.

Web designers don’t require thinking about web servers. It is possible to purchase a computer via the internet to develop and build your own web server, but there are some. Most well-known are Apache and NGINX.

Apache is an incredibly well-known web server that’s been operating for over two decades. Apache is a highly efficient web server engine that has many individuals involved. NGINX is smaller and newer however, it’s a lot faster.

The server you pick will depend upon your requirements. Apache may be the most suitable server in case you require speed and flexibility to handle a broad spectrum of projects. NGINX is used to rapidly create websites.

It’s an excellent idea to install a web server application known as Local. You are able to swap between NGINX and Apache using it. It works on both Macs as well as PCs. It makes it simple to use both servers engines.

Have a look at the video below to know more about web servers and how you can participate in the development of your personal server.


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