DIY Screen Printing on Shirts – Source and Resource

Follow this link to discover more! You’re going to need an squeegee, screen as well as a an emulsion for photos. Combine the sensitizer and the water with the sensitizer. Then, add the mixture to the container. The mixture should be stirred until the color is consistent. Dollop a tiny amount onto the screen and spread the emulsion thinly and evenly using the squeeze.

Put a fan on the screen , and then turn off the lighting, leaving it to dry in dark. The screen is extremely photosensitive, so you must move swiftly once it has dried. Print out your art on transparent paper and then place it backwards on the screen. Next, push the transparents through a glass with a piece of paper then put a light lamps on top. The process should take about 30 minutes at a minimum. The light reveals the emotions that is not covered by the design. You can use spray and a brush to remove the region.

Put your shirt onto the screen. Then, apply a layer of screen printing ink. Continue this process with the squeezer. Screens can be used again after you’re done with them by applying photo emulsion to the screen, then employing a hose to clean off the emulsion. There is a lot of work to get your shirts looking flawless. You can use the old t-shirts for practice prior to committing to a more expensive piece.


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