Do Not Languish in the Shallow End of Search Engine Rankings!

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here are some stats that will blow your mind. 70 plus million users shop online using a mobile device such as a cellphone or tablet computer. As well, sixty five percent of mobile web users depend on those smartphones and tablets to find local businesses where they can make a purchase. 60 out of 100 people have researched a service or product on Google. Any SEO professional will agree that the web has become a really important marketing platform, particularly in regards to search engines. The successful internet marketer and search engine optimization expert primarily focuses on email and Google search, with search engine rankings being the most important metric of measuring user engagement.

Google has a 60 to 70 percent market share kin the search engine field. Google is known for its irreverence. For example, the very first Google “doodle” was created in 1998. It depicted the Burning Man and was intended as an out of office message relaying to people that Google co founders Brin and Page were at the Burning Man festival. As well, the lawns of Google headquarters are mowed by real live goats. However, regardless of how “fun” and progressive Google is, the company is dead serious about search engine rankings, which is why SEO is so important. Most Google users ignore paid ads. About 75 percent of people searching on Google do not click past the first page of search results, which is important information when one considers search engine rankings.

Many small business owners have neither the time nor resources available to create a good SEO strategy to effectively increase search engine rankings.More than 75 percent of small business owners head up the marketing projects for their companies, and most of them do not really know how to increase search engine rankings. Thus, you should consider outsourcing email marketing and Google SEO to a search engine optimization firm that will help you achieve greater online visibility.

An organic search engine click through rate is quite possibly the best metric for analyzing how engaged your customers are online. The PPC click through model generates 25 percent lower conversion rates than equivalent organic click through models. SEO companies can offer you terrific content to increase organic click through rates, and SEO companies can extract that data for the purposes of creating the best SEO for your company. Doing so should help to increase your Google search engine rankings.

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