Do You Utilize This Lesser-Known Costco Service? – Articles About Food

stores. This wholesaler is well-known by its wide variety of hot dogs, and its affordable costs. Costco offers a variety of products and can also offer them at bulk prices, which could save you tons of money. Costco membership is mandatory for access to some of the most competitive prices. The membership grants you access to everything that the store has to offer which makes it a good investment. Did you also know Costco provides free water delivery? In this video we’ll look at the extent of this service.

To get water delivered to your home for free customers must pay a minimum $12 in water. The option is to choose smaller water bottles , or larger bottles to make use of for your office. Costco doesn’t offer this particular service, but it’s available for free to members. The service is managed under the under the umbrella of the Nestle business. Additionally, different waters are not available due to the location of your residence. Do you have Costco’s supply of water?


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