FDA Food Safety Standards – The Employer Store

In 1938, the last time that laws were updated was in 1998. Nowadays, food travels much further than it used to, and this calls for stricter rules and regulations. People are also living with chronic diseases and controlling these. It is essential to create stronger guidelines for protecting patients from illness caused by food. To that end, the FDA has increased the rigor of their monitoring procedures, and it has even gone as far as to issue FDA Food Safety citations to firms that fail to conform to the guidelines.

An FMSA program was launched in the year 2011 to increase the standard of food. The program includes a list of processes that each business is required to follow. Firms that fail to follow these instructions could receive notices. They may also face large fines and possibly even closures if they fail to correct the problem right away. The following video will explain some of these rules and how FDA manages these guidelines. tn1gogs7rg.

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