How a New Roof Can Increase Your Homes Energy Efficiency – Home Efficiency Tips

One of the primary features is the roofing. A typical roof can last around 20 years. But with the proper maintenance, a roof can last for several years. If it’s time to repair or replace a damaged roof most people choose an alternative roof that is less expensive and simpler to put up.

But, buying an Energy Star-certified roof will allow you to reap the latest advantages of a roof for your home. Roofing products with an Energy Star label must meet or surpass the stringent energy efficiency guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA. The local roofing contractors that sell these products have to undergo an extensive certification process to achieve this label.

Energy Star roofs offer many benefits. One benefit is that it helps save on the cost of energy. Homeowners who have an Energy Star-certified roof can save costs on their energy bills, making an enormous difference over the course of the course of. Roofs that are Energy Star certified also help reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases. It is possible to save money while helping the environment by getting one with an Energy Star certified roof.

Shingle Color

If you’re looking to build the roof of your house, choosing the right color for your shingle is among the top methods to improve your home’s energy efficiency. The right color of shingles for your roof could significantly influence the amount of the energy used by your house. The shade of shingles affects the amount of heat which is released or absorbed by your roof.

The most common misconception is that thicker roofs are cooler than those with lighter colors. It’s actually not the case, as your roof’s capacity to reflect or absorb heat is more dependent upon the roofing materials used as opposed to the color. A dark asphalt roof can take in more heat than one with a lighter color, and a metal roofing is much more effective in absorbing heat. Concerning efficiency in energy use, it’s vital to consider what color and style of


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