How to Add a New Bathroom to Your Home – Diy Index

and how much privacy each is able to provide from the surrounding for you to design your bathroom and the place to put everything.
2. Set a goal for your bathroom

Before beginning any remodel you must create an accurate 3D rendering of the space. This can be done by sketching an outline of the floor plan then adding doors and walls as needed or with the help of rendering, or an interior design program like SketchUp as well as Google SketchUp Pro.

It is the most efficient option because you can add accessories like faucets or windows. It will also make it easier to build fixtures later on.

If you prefer to do this by yourself, an interior designer can aid you.

3. Know Your Budget

Consider how much is available to remodel your bathroom. You should be realistic in estimating how much it will cost. This may appear to be the most expensive expense is to buy a sink or a bathtub. In reality, these are just small parts of a bigger task.

It is not a good idea to think of renovation as a single cost. Instead, you should take each part apart and calculate the total cost.

Bathtub: $2,000-$5,000

Sink: $100-$200 (if required)

Faucet(s): $50-$200 (if required)

This will enable you to know where your cash is spending and how much you’ll be able to pay. Additionally, you should note that the overall cost of your project might vary dependent on the contractor you contact and the cost of their services. Before you settle on one contractor, ensure that you get quotes from multiple contractors.

4. Look for the current Main Stacks and Drain Lines

Look for the main stacks or sub-drainlines first.


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