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The complete names, addresses as well as phone numbers of every person that was involved in the crash

It is important for people to share their story of the incident since it’s your word against theirs unless you can get witnesses to be witnesses on your behalf, no matter what the cause down the line. Another vital piece of information that you require following a collision is the names as well as the numbers of individuals who suffered injury or died from the accident. It is important to note all the details you recall about the person who was hurt or died during the course of a car accident, especially case you aren’t aware of their name, address and the number of their phone. This can help later on to verify the identity of that person.

Any injuries that you or any other person involved suffered on the scene of an accident regardless of how small the injuries may appear.

Phone Numbers for Insurance Companies Should Be Listed on Your Policy, or You Can contact your agent or company to receive this information.

If you are not allowed to list the number of your cell phone in the police reports or statements. Insurance companies may use it as a way to contact the person you are contacting, and could be used against you later in the future if they want to sue you for insurance fraud or some scam related to trying to receive reimbursement for injuries that did not happen. This is why I always warn people against listing their personal data anywhere, as any information can be used as evidence at the time of a trial regardless of the purpose behind doing it.

It is crucial because police are not going to hand any papers to the appropriate authorities until they’ve made sure that everyone who needs medical attention has received it first and all those that need to be imprisoned or hospitalized were taken care of initially.

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