Keeping Up with Your Commercial Garage Door Maintenance – Custom Wheels Direct

Commercial garage door maintenance by a expert can be pricey. You can however learn how to take care of your garage door for yourself and make it last longer. It will help you save the time and cash. In a YouTube video titled “DIY Garage Door Maintenance and Reduce Costs”, ToolboxDIY demonstrates garage door maintenance.

Start by lubricating the moving components within the garage door. You should then begin checking each part for correct performance. After tightening the hinges, test to see if they are secure after which lubricate the hinges.

The springs should be lubricated with cardboard. This will stop any oil from spilling into the walls. To decrease friction,lubricate the pulleys. Also be sure to grease the rail and corner bearings.

You must determine if the garage door is able to be fully opened and remain in the same position. If this is not the case, you should check the springs. It could take a significant amount of time. You may be required to employ a contractor.


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