Pros and Cons Granite Countertops – Madison County Library

Granite countertops are exactly what you’re looking for. It will be clear what are you can expect from granite countertops. In addition, there are few tips for installing.

They work well. Granite is very difficult to stain making it an excellent kitchen surface. And, add to it, their remarkable durability – granite is stain- and heat-resistant – makes it so an oven or knife won’t damage the surface.

Granite countertops can boost the value of the home’s resale!

But, there are a few pros and cons. Granite is expensive. Granite counter tops are expensive since they cover dirt. They may appear clean but closer examination will uncover some thing. Also, you should be aware that certain cleaners may scratch the granite countertop and cause them to lose their shine.

Also, make sure you hire reputable contractors for your granite countertop and in the event that you do not love your sink, buy another one now so that the granite is shaped for the new one. If you opt to buy an under-mount sink, make sure it is installed securely as sinks are very heavy and an improper installation could lead to them dropping to the surface. mk4uf11q3n.

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