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Toast the uns and sprinkle butter on the breadcrumbs and spread butter on them. Grill them for about 1 minute. A tablespoon of aioli to brush the inside of the bun . Then, top the burger with the lime wedge placed onto a wooden skewer.
Zuppa Toscana

It’s easy to prepare. The bacon is cooked in a large oven over moderate-high heat, stirring frequently until the bacon is crisp. Utilizing a spoon with a slot take them off to a towel-lined plate to drain off excess oil. Cook the bacon strips until they are golden brown. Add Italian sausages. After that, transfer them to towels lined plates.

Next, add potatoes, onions, garlic and garlic. cook , occasionally stirring, until they are softened. Use pepper flakes, pepper, and salt to season. Incorporate the broth of chicken and cook over the stove at a high temperature. Lower the heat to medium till the potatoes have been nicely done. Then, add the kale, bacon, sausage, as well as heavy cream, for an additional five minutes. A little vinegar is a good way to complete.

Skillet Brownies

Bake the brownies he has prepared in his restaurant to end your dinner party. Prepare your oven for 350°F. Four ounces of chocolate chips that are unsweetened and four tablespoons of butter are placed in a container.

Incorporate vanilla, sugar and eggs to the coffee mixture. Then stir again. Let the mixture cool down to the temperature of room. Add another 1/4 cup of flour baking powder, salt and flour in another bowl.

Then add the remaining chocolate chips, along with one tablespoon of flour to the batter. With a three-and-a-half-inch cast iron skillet, place them on a sheet pan. This amazing recipe is great for ovens of any kind, electric or gas.

Chinese Chicken Salad

Our love for Chinese takeout takes us back to famous, filling, and simple dishes for food in restaurants. Start by heating the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit to master this recipe. Place the chicken onto a flat surface. Then, rub olive oil over the skin.


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