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Where can I get an asset checklist for the estate planning process?

Many websites offer simple checklists to help you begin. It is possible to bring this information in the initial meeting with an attorney. Your trust and estate lawyer may use it to figure out what additional information is required.

Can a financial planner prepare an estate plan?

Anyone can make a will in most countries. Financial planners are required to meet different license, education, and training specifications that lawyers. Trusts and estates lawyers who collaborate well with financial planners will be able to develop an estate plan that works for you as long as you’re living.

Can I do my own estate planning?

Yes, you can, provided you’re at ease doing it — it’s not required by law to have an attorney to plan your estate. The benefits in working with an attorney comes from their expertise. Planning your estate can come with taxes and other ramifications that you aren’t aware of. As trust attorneys and estate attorneys specialize in these matters, they can quickly and effectively create strategies that effectively protect your assets. fcjzfn63bz.

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