The Science Behind Losing Weight – Health and Fitness Tips

The ipheo show is titled “How To Lose Weight: The real mathematics Behind Weight”, they talk with the Dr. Carson Chow an MIT mathematician and physicist. The reason he explains it is that energy is crucial to the body’s functioning. The body burns fat if you don’t eat enough calories.

Energy is not no cost. If you aren’t eating enough calories the body’s system will begin to break down the fat you’ve stored. One pound of fat roughly 3500 calories. This is quite a bit of energy.

When you eat 500 calories less within a week, you will drop 1 pound a week. One of the problems with fast weight loss is that it’s not sustainable and, often you gain the weight back. The old rule that you lose weight quickly by burning calories is usually not true. You can lose 1 pound for each ten calories consumed. But you may not see results for 3 years. The reason for this is that the process of losing weight is slow and requires more time to reach than what we believe. It’s possible to keep your weight loss with slow weight loss.


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