Tips for Controlling Trailer Sway – Horseshoe Chamber Blog

Anyone who is hauling a trailer must deal with, or any person who is hauling a camper must consider. Sway is a huge issue when it comes to those with transport trailers since it could cause damage, low gas miles, and could result in your travel experience being less pleasant. It is essential to track the tongue weight of your trailer. The goal is to make sure you don’t put excessive burden on the back of the trailer. This is past the axels.

Also, make sure you have your tires properly inflated. Make sure to test the adjustments for your weight distribution hitch and also think about the sway controls that you have set up. It’s not easy managing the trailer’s sway when you don’t take your time to adjust the trailer in a proper manner.

Crosswinds, other cars on the road and the grade of the road all have an impact on how your trailer moves when you’re driving. Also, it is important to have the right vehicle that can pull the trailer. By taking your time, you can certainly eliminate many of the issues that may be causing your trailer to shift and identify the steps to take to control the sway of your trailer.


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