VanLiving Veteran Converts Ram ProMaster – DIY Projects for Home

The van also includes a complete mattress at the back lying side to side across the rear wheel colonies, which is roughly 6’2″ vast. The bed is roughly 1/3rd upwards from a ground of the van.

The front part of the van consists of electronics as well as other crucial materials above the driver’s seat. Directly for this, a mountain bicycle can be still stored. There is actually a 3×7′ open space resulting to some combo bathroom shower area when opening the side door. The shower comes with a custom shower enclosure sitting entirely on the van’s floor, which makes extra head space above right into a buff. The van boasts a cassette bathroom for easier control than being forced to deal with a full black tank.

The kitchen area consists of a two-burner propane stove, a customized sink, and further storage near a tall dangling closet. Six 100 watt solar power panels have been attached to the roof, so supplying every one of the van’s electrical requirements. All solar and propane vessels are located under the bed and open to the surface where necessary. 55cdpx7j7m.

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