What Does A Freight Forwarder Do? – WORLD GLOBAL NEWS

The way to do it. It is applicable to all aspects of logistics, such as pricing and equipment. The freight forwarder serves as an intermediary on behalf of the shipper and manages most of the logistics needed to ensure a smooth transportation. A freight forwarder is responsible for almost everything related to transportation including customs clearance and storage.

The freight forwarder is an agent of the cargo owner. Freight brokers tend to have worldwide networks of offices even though the different offices may be part of the same group of businesses. If they don’t have their own logistics networks in other countries, companies may agree to cooperate. These connections that freight brokers are able to have allows them to send all sorts of orders for moving cargo from A point to B. Once the cargo is shipped from the place of origin to the forwarder, they ensure that they deliver the goods to the agreed-upon destination.

For additional information on the role of freight forwarders as well as the process of shipping cargo you can watch the video which we’ve provided above.


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