What Does it Mean to be a Real Estate Contractor? – Home Town Colorado

The article by eo “Being Your Own General Contractor” emphasizes how crucial it is to be aware of the budget of a real estate developer.

A real estate professional is a professional with experience that performs specific maintenance and repairs. These contractors will work with owners of projects on building project until its completion. Not all of the work, however, falls upon the shoulders of the general contractor. The contractors typically outsource specific areas of the work. Therefore, they’re responsible of managing the budget and supervising the sub-contractors on the project.

The contractor is employed by the real estate investor or owner of the property to work for a specified period. The contractor has full control of the project’s execution and the results. There are responsibilities that include managing project’s schedule and accounting for the work. They are considered to be non-employees under the law for tax reasons. They are considered independent contractors. Real estate contractors are part of for the construction industry within the real estate business.


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