What Happens After You Recycle Your Used Alkaline Batteries – Economic Development Jobs


A majority of people do not know what happens at the alkaline battery recycling service and where batteries wind up when they are recycled. The video is fascinating and reveals what happens at the Canadian facility for recycling batteries.
This video will demonstrate the process of recycling batteries as fertilizers to grow corn. This video will show you how to distinguish the different components of the battery. The majority of alkaline battery’s components can be reused. In this video the voiceover explains diverse components of the battery as well as the processes that take place to every part of the battery during the recycling process.
The video details information only a few people know. Most people do not know what components are in batteries, and how useful they are in the hands of experts. You will be amazed at your possibilities once you reuse.
Be on the lookout for alkaline batteries as they are sorted, processed, and eventually make it into fertilizer products within the United States.

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