What You Didnt Know About Cyber Security – Tech Talk Radio Show


Information can be accessed via any platform, without authorization or knowledge of the owner. Check out this article to learn details about how security in cyberspace functions.

There are numerous methods hackers employ to target Internet users. Most commonly, they use malware attacks. Software that is malicious, such as Ransomware and Trojan is employed to take personal information from cyber security victims. The attackers then utilize this information to steal identities.

Trojans are malicious programs which cybercriminals employ to get control of people’s computers. Trojan virus trick users into downloading programs that impersonate legitimate antiviruses. These viruses damage PCs of users when they’re downloaded.

Ransomware, which is a form of malware used by attackers to prevent users from accessing their computer systems is also known as ransomware. The attackers use generic passwords for hacking into computers, encrypt files without authorization, and then demand the owners to pay a ransom for the decryption keys. Find out more regarding hackers who swindle online users in the video linked above.

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